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Q: What is the cost to participate in the DSP MedSyncStrips program?
A: All components of our DSP medication adherence program are 100% complimentary. These include free strip packaging, free dose reminder alerts, and free delivery to your home. The only thing you pay is for the medications themselves, just as you would at any other pharmacy.
Q: How will I receive my medications?
A: We make your DSP MedSyncStrips available to you with our local home delivery, mail order, or in-store pickup.
Q: Am I able to use my prescription insurance?
A: Of Course! DSP accepts 99.9% of all drug insurance plans. Also, our cash prices beat most competitors while our service blows them away!
Q: Can I receive a 90 day supply of my medications?
A: We do offer 90 day supplies if allowed by your insurance plan. However, we strongly recommend filling 30 days at a time to allow for better results with our adherence program. In the event your medications change, a 30 day supply becomes easier to manage.
Q: What medications cannot go into the MedSyncStrips ?
A: For obvious reasons, liquids, inhalers, eye drops, nasal spray, insulin, etc are not able to be packaged in the MedSyncStrips. “PRN”, “as needed” medications that are not taken on a daily basis are not candidates for use in the strips. Examples include controlled substances, sleeping pills, pain killers, etc. We also do not recommend packaging blood thinners such as Coumadin (warfarin) and any other medications where the dosage is frequently adjusted. All oral medications that are not packaged in the strips will be dispensed in the traditional prescription vials.
Q: What is a “Reminder Pack”?
A: For those medications not packaged in the MedSyncStrips, we can provide empty “reminder packs” within the strip pack sequence to help with medication adherence. For example, if you are to use your insulin at bedtime, we can provide a reminder pack that shows “Lantus: Inject 30 units at bedtime” printed on the pack. This can also be used for inhalers, liquids, etc. for the entire month.
Q: What happens when my doctor changes, stops, or adds a new medication?

A: Great question. There are several ways to address these situations depending on the type o f change. If a physician adds a new medication to your treatment regimen, we can send you enough pills to get you synched back up with the rest of your medications. For example, if you are instructed to start a new medication but it’s been 10 days since you received your most recent monthly order, we can provide a “short fill” of 20 pills in a separate vial. This will allow all medications to become due again on your same “Fill Date”.

If the physician instructs you to discontinue a medication, there are several ways to circumvent this situation. Solutions may include identifying the medication in the strips and removing them, sealing them off, or simply not taking that drug upon opening. We can certainly advise you on how to best handle this type of change over the phone or in person. Each scenario is different so please call to learn more.

It is crucial for you to inform one of our DSP MedSyncStrips specialists when any medication change is made. While we will be asking you for this information during your monthly check-in calls, the sooner we are made aware of any changes the more successful the program will work for you.



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